Styles & Colours


Kwik Kerb continuous concrete edging can be used for a wide range of applications using the six standard concrete curbing shapes. Each Kwik Kerb profile style has a wide 7″ base, which ensures that the concrete curbing is both stable and strong.

This is especially important in our Canadian climate where ground freezing takes place. We take special steps to ensure that Kwik Kerb remains looking pristine season after season. Many other special shapes can often be done on request if required for a particular project.


Eurostyle Colours

Though concrete edging has been laid in many shapes since the early seventies, nobody had put any effort into developing a concrete edging product with enhanced appearance.

Kwik Kerb developed the EuroStyle concept over a couple of years, with much research and a lot of help and feed-back from many Kwik Kerb operators. Today the EuroStyle product is the benchmark for landscape edging world-wide and many others, (without the benefit of Kwik Kerb training or methods,) are still trying to emulate our product’s success.

If you intend to enhance your gardens make sure that you choose the genuine Kwik Kerb EuroStyle, the original and still the best!


EuroStyle Slate Patterns

When you have chosen your colours, the lightest colour is applied to the curb first, and is the base colour. The second colour is slightly darker, and when it is applied, gives a slate stone texture. After the colours are applied, a pattern is hand – tooled in to give your curb character. Another option besides the patterns, is wood grain. Wood grain blends the strength and durability of concrete with the natural beauty and rustic appearance of wood. The following pictures are examples of the patterns and wood grain to help you choose the perfect one to blend in with your landscape and your personal preference.